Sunday 14 October 2012

Indeed it is. According to the data available online and some very close and reliable sources we have got the statistics that follow.  
In Order to have an account on Facebook you ought to possess an email-id, and to acquire that it is essential for you to be 13+ years of age. It is known that more than 1 Million People in Goa are in this age group. On the other hand there are about 750,000 people above the legal age for drinking in Goa, out of which approximately 53% are males.

From sources it is known that around 300,000 beer bottles are sold every day in Goa during peak seasons. It seems a lot huh?

Let’s see how we can compare it to time spent on Facebook. Considering two bottles of beer an hour at any party as a presumption, it gives you half an hour for a bottle and thus on an average of 15 minutes per day for every person to finish the huge amount of beer bottles produced every day. Now coming back to Facebook, a Goan spends about 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on Facebook, which is more than half an hour every day!!!

So what can you conclude from all the above calculations?? It’s clearly understood that Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or any other social networking sites have enormous potentials to let yourself be heard to the masses- your probable customers. And it’s about time people use this platform to provide valuable information not only about yourself, but also your products and services.

Promotion of brands and building reputation through social media channels, such as weblogs and social networks is taking place everywhere else; but Goa is pretty much new to this concept. So “go global goenkars”, get yourself on the social networking platforms, get heard. Sell quality, sell better.

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